We retain the right to refuse training to any and all individuals or
groups that are in any way, shape or form subversive, illegal,
covert or in any other way conducting themselves, their business
or aiding others in manners outside federal and state law or
anti-American.  Our services are offered to law abiding civilians
and legitimate law enforcement agencies ONLY!
"We can bring the
training to you..."
You may have special requirements for                    
personalized training at your facility...Eagle           
Rock is prepared to meet your every training          
and firearm safety educational need.

>Shooting Clubs
>Community/Neighborhood Watch Groups
>Concerned parents
>Small businesses and corporations

Unless your facility has a proper shooting range,  
live firing of ammunition will be reserved and        
arrangements can be made for a later date at          
our host range,
FIREPOWER, Inc. in Matthews,       
NC (704-849-2828).

We can use our soft air training guns outdoors     
OR indoors at your facility for simulated live          
fire.  These training aids use spring power to        
"fire" a light, 6mm round plastic pellet at a              
paper target backed by a net "trap" specifically     
designed to contain these projectiles.  Eye             
protection is furnished and strictly required at      
all time these guns are in use.  You get the feel     
of shooting without the noise, the recoil, the         
smoke and the mess!  PLUS you still get to             
bring home a target with holes in it!