Staff, Friends and Associates...
                          Tom Iradi, Sr. Level I Principal
                                                                    Tom is an NRA Certified Instructor
and Training   
                                             Counselor (NRA14109262) He is certified by
the                                                                       state of North Carolina to train and certify
law                                                                           abiding citizens for Concealed Carry
Handgun                                                                           permits. Several hundred North Carolinians
have                                                                     experienced Tom's innovative Basic,
Advanced                                                                        Marksmanship and CCH classes. His
unique                                                                            presentation techniques and passion for
"helping                                                                     others to discover" makes for a dynamic
learning                                                                      experience.  All who attend his classes come
away                                                                  with a clear understanding of safety and a firm
grasp                                                               of the concepts behind the many aspects of
firearm                                                                  handling, operation and shooting.  Having fired
a                                                                      handgun for the first time at the age of two and a
half                                                                Tom has decades of experiences...and many
stories                                                                to illustrate them!
Training and Related Experience:

K.H. Cho Tae Kwon Do                                Red Belt

Morris County (NJ) Police                             Special Police Training
and Fire Academy                                        HazMat Training (radioactive)

Gun Site Training Center                             Tactical Pistol (Basic)
Jack Furr, Instructor                                     Tactical Pistol (Advanced)

Trident Concepts Research Group              Combative Pistol (Advanced)
Jeff Gonzales, Instructor                              including Simunitions.

Scott Warren, IDPA Champion                     Advanced IDPA/Tactical Course (x2)

Langdon Tactical Technology                     Advanced Tactical/Competition Training
Ernest Langdon, Instructor                          also served as RSO for LTT courses

East Hanover (NJ) Police Reserve               Director (Retired, Major)
and Office of Emergency Management        Distinguished Expert, Pistol
                                          Emergency Response Unit
                                          Special/Reserve Police Officer
                                          Range Officer and Coach
                                          Chiefs Award recipient

NRA Certified                                               Pistol, Personal Protection
Instructor/Training Counselor                      Home Defense

North Carolina Justice Academy                   NC Concealed Carry Instructor Course

Charlotte Rifle and Pistol Club                      Member and competitor
Practical Pistol Combat                                 Grand Master Rating
                                           (over 75 match awards)

IDPA                                                             Expert
                                           2003 Carolina Cup East Coast, 2nd CDP/MM
                                           2003 NC State Championship,  2nd CDP/MM
        Scott Mauldin  Level II Principal Instructor

                Scott has 9 years of law enforcement experience, and
                                over 10 years of instructional experience.  His career
                                 began with the Concord, NC Police Department where
                                 he had assignments with the warrant unit, high
                                drug/crime zones, DWI enforcement and traffic unit.  He
                                was a full time patrol officer for over  two and a half   

                                Scott served with the United States Secret Service
                                as an instructor of firearms and control tactics.   He
                                introduced several training aid programs to include
                                the use of lasers in training and various force on force

Throughout his career, he has been fortunate to attended 11 formal
pistol/carbine schools taught by superior trainers such as Ernest Langdon, Jeff
Gonzales, Jack Furr and Ron Avery.

He holds a rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt in American Karate, under Michael C.
Allison, and is a certified instructor by the United States Karate Association.  He
has been teaching “stand up” martial arts for over 10 years.  He has also trained
for five years in Brazilian Jui-Jitsu and holds a rank of blue belt coach under
Scott Devine of the Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy.

Scott was recently an instructor with the Physical Techniques Division at the
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, GA, and a private firearms
instructor with Eagle Rock Training Systems in Charlotte, NC.

He now serves as a firearms and martial arts instructor for a Charlotte NC area
based federal law enforcement service.


Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Basic Evaluator Training Program,
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Law Enforcement Instructor Training
Program, 2005
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Physical Fitness Coordinator
Training Program, 2004
U.S. Secret Service Control Tactics Instructor Course, 2003
U.S. Secret Service Essentials of Instruction Course, 2002
Practical Shooting Academy, Instructor’s Course, 2002
Multi-Jurisdictional Counter-drug Task Force Training, Tactical Drug Operations
Langdon Tactical Technology, Tactical Pistol, 2001/2002/2003/2004/2005
Trident Concepts Research Group, Combative Pistol/Carbine, 2001/2002/2003
US Firearms Instructor Certification, 2001
US Protective Research Course, 2001
US Advanced Techniques in Surveillance and Counter-surveillance, 2001
US Special Agent Training Course, 1999
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Criminal Investigator Training
Course, 1999
S.W.A.T. Certified, 1998
Basic Law Enforcement Training Certification, 1996
NRA Firearms Instructor Certification, 1996
Gunsite Training Center, 1996
Certified Martial Arts Instructor, United States Karate Association, 1994
 Master (CDP)
                                     Decorated Combat Veteran
                                                   Ernest is a multi-time National
IDPA                                                                                Champion and among the most
respected                                                                     combat/defensive firearm instructors
as                                                                          well as one of the most
accomplished                                                                              competitive marksman in the
Friends and Associates
Rob Hunter - Hard Target Martial Arts              
                             Multi-Discipline Martial Arts Instructor
                                           Rob started HARD TARGET Martial Arts in
April                                                                                  2006.  Rob is a certified Instructor in Jun
Fan  Gung Fu
                                           and Filipino Martial Arts under Dan  Inosanto
(training                                                                         partner and protégé to Bruce Lee)  and Scott
Shields;                                                                       and Combat  Submission Wrestling under Erik
Paulson.                                                                     Additionally, he holds a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blue  
belt                                                                             under Prof. Carlson Gracie Jr.; a Tenshin  Shin Yo
Ryu                                                                        Jujitsu purple belt; a Karate 3rd  degree black belt;
                                          has been coaching Muay Thai Kickboxing and
Western                                                                      Boxing since 2001.
Karyn Corsentino
Women’s Program Instructor
•        NRA Member
•        USPSA Competitor
•        IDPA Competitor
•        Member, Squadra Italiana
Leigh Ann Jeter - Sales/Administration
  • Attended firearm training @ Front Sight, GLC Shooting
    Academy, US Shooting Academy and Academi Training
  • International Defensive Pistol Association  -
Silvercreek Conservation Club, Sellersburg, Indiana –        
IDPA Match Director
Kentuckiana Kolonel – IDPA Regional Sanctioned Match
-         Match Director
IDPA Certified Safety Officer
2011 IDPA Triple Crown – Chief Safety Officer
  • ESP and SSP International Defensive Pistol Association
    (IDPA) Competitor
  • Numerous National, Regional and State Awards
  • Member – Squadra Italiana