"First let me say again how very much I enjoyed the course you taught on
Saturday. You had some great pointers on marksmanship, not becoming a
victim and the psychology of survival. I shall try to apply them. Also, thanks for
a chance to fire your Desert Eagle. That was a hoot! Our son was most
impressed. He can't wait to go to the range again, though it will be a few years
before he can try something that powerful!...Good luck with Eagle Rock and
again, thank you."
Doug M.
"As a woman, a mother of a toddler and a
wife of an empowering husband and
experienced shooter, let me start by thanking
you for the most informational and life saving
instruction I have ever received.  Because of
your class I feel more confident around
firearms than ever before. Your style was
passionate, engaging, and a lot of fun.  I find
it truly amazing that you were able to keep
the interest of the most experienced
“shootist” and never soar above the heads of
novices like myself. I cannot thank you
enough for enlightening me and empowering
me all at the same time, I am a safer person
for it.Thank you for your help!"
Kelly P.
"Just wanted to say how much I learned
and enjoyed your class lastweekend. You
have an ability to perfectly balance being
professional and personable.You created a
comfortable environment in the classroom
and actually managed to make law
interesting!  Your humor made the time
pass quickly in the classroom.  In the range,
you exercised enough authority to demand
the seriousness warranted while still
managing to keep us from being
intimidated.  Thanks."
Lisa B.
All testimonials have been printed with the express permission of those individuals shown.  
"My wife and I took your class
at Firepower Inc. on N.C.
concealed carry.  I hope you
remember us?   We still want
to extend our extreme
gratitude for your wonderful
teachings and patience.  You
were without a doubt the best
teacher of any class I have
ever attended!  
My wife and I recently picked
up our CCW permits at the
County Sheriffs Department.  It
only took around 30 days for
the entire process but if it
weren't for your informative
class we'd still be going
through the motions.
It's pretty weird, my wife and I thought we
were good shots but after taking your
class not only are we allowed to carry,
we are also much better shooters than
we ever thought possible with your
techniques and overall guidance.  So on
behalf of my wife and myself, I thank you
so very much, sir, and the great people
of Firepower Inc. and Eagle Rock
Training Systems.  We look forward to
attending future
Thankfully yours,"
Paul C.
What our clients say about us...
"My son and I recently took
the basic class with Tom
Iradi as instructor. We both
throughly enjoyed the
class. Although, I have had
firearm instruction in the
past I found that the
instruction I received from
Tom to be excellent. I
would suggest this course
to anyone that is
considering buying a
handgun or those who
need to review thier skills.
Thanks very much!"
Larry K.
"I was fortunate enough to take the CCH
course under the direction of Tom Iradi
in November of '04. Being a weekend
"plinker" after Tom's instruction and
helpful tips on stance,grip, and sight
alignment, I noticed an immediate 110%
improvement in my overall shot
grouping. His professionalism and
knowledge of the laws are invaluable
and have given me the personal
sercurity of knowing when and when not
to use "deadly force". I will reccomend
this course to anyone remotely
considering purchasing, or using a
handgun. Awesome job!! Thanks again
Best regards, David B.
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