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Jan '08-  Eagle Rock's Practical Tactical Courses I & II
are right around the corner!  If you want to get to the
next level in handgunning proficiency the best way is
through our PT I/II progressive classes.  With safe
handling skills must be in placeprior to acceptance into
these courses.

PT I  will have you firing 1 second, half second and
quarter second split times!  That's up to 8 shots in 2
seconds!  We begin with an in-depth discussion on the
"Principles of the Combat Mindset". This sets the stage
for a day of concentrated live fire exercise which  
systematically layers specific skills enabling you to
draw and fire at multiple targets and tactically reload
your handgun fast and accurately !  You will be
introduced to moving while shooting in preparation for

PT II  is a moving experience...literally!  Building on the
skills developed in PTI you will be moving to kneeling
and prone positions and shooting while you are moving!
Forward, backward, laterally, you will be surprised, with
the employment of specific techniques, how accurately
you'll be able to shoot "on-the-move"!  Utilization of
barricades for cover and speed/tactical reloads are all
key elements of this course.

Contact Eagle Rock by e-mail if you are interested in
"expanding your sphere" of handgunning expertise!  
Place Practical Tactical I or II in the subject text box of
your e-mail and let us know which of these courses you
would like to experience.  You can also call us at


Scott Mauldin - Instructor
 Place: Charlotte Rifle and Pistol Club                          Time:  8:30 AM     
           Albemarle, NC 28001
GPS: 80°14'33.99"W,  35°18'10.55"N

This is a unique opportunity to experience the foundation building techniques of
Eagle Rock Training Systems Practical/Tactical Pistol Phase I
                          (Deposit required to reserve a spot in this class)
                                             Contact: Tom Iradi @ 704/649-7456
        *Class size is limited to 20 participants.

Course Description
P/T I :
With this course you will develop a proper draw and tactically proven aggressive, high thumb grip style currently in use by
high-end armed service personnel and the top competitive hand gunners.  Quarter second split time shots, rapid target
transition and speed reloads are but a few of the drills that will be covered.  Our "X-Drills" give you an "X-ercise" you can
use after your Eagle Rock Training to maintain the skill sets you developed inTacI.
*Primary focus is on "Grip, Trigger Prep and Target Acquisition"

  Gear list for class:
        •        Good service handgun (semi-auto or revolver ) w/4mags or speedloaders minimum.
        •        Strong side hip holster and at least 2 mag/speedloader holders.
        •        Eye and ear protection and ball cap.
        •        Minimum of 500 rounds of ammunition.
        •        Cargo or tactical pants/shorts with cargo pockets (preferable).
        •        Folding chair.
        •        Plenty to drink.
Tracy Iradi

State Champion
2007 - 2008

SC IDPA State High
Overall Ladies
2005 - 2006

Former Practical         
Pistol Combat and       
Cowboy Action            
Handgunning Skills Course
Designed Specifically for
Women by Champion Shooter,
Tracy Iradi
Eagle Rock Training Systems proudly presents our
new handgun class for women.  Crafted for women by
a woman who has the experience, insight and
especially the skill level to bring your shooting to the
next level of accuracy and speed.  She brings years of
experience in training and competition that have
brought her to championship levels in North and South
Carolina as well as USA regional awards.
This is not a basic handgun class.  It is meant for the woman who comes to the range on
a somewhat regular basis, is a competitive shooter or is an active law enforcement or
military officer and has a good understanding of her handgun and knows how to handle it
in a safe manner.   If you are interested in improving your shooting skills in an environment
that is safe and instructed by one who knows the considerations required by women when
it comes to acquiring optimum performance in handgunning...this class is exactly what you
are looking for!   We strongly encourage you to come to Firepower, Inc. in Matthews, NC
on a Wed. evening between 6:45pm and 8pm when we will have a representative of Eagle
Rock there to answer any questions and offer free coaching to prepare you for this unique
class.  Contact us at
704-649-7456 for further information and visit our "Schedule" page to
see when the next BB4W is scheduled.  

These classes will be held at Firepower, Inc 1200 Industrial Drive, Matthews, NC.
from 9am until 5pm on a Sunday.  
Learn what it means to "shoot like a girl"!
News and Happenings!
Sign Up!!! Practical Tactical I, Saturday, Aug 22nd, 2009
at Efird's Rifle Rifle Range, Albgemarle, NC
in Charlotte, NC
>>>>> 27/28 Mar 2010 <<<<<
10 Slots ONLY and OPEN ONLY TO
Training consists of building the
optimized shooting platform thru...
Shooting on the move...at
moving targets!
*Equiv. to IDPA Expert/Master Skill level or USPSA High "C" class-GM

Practical Tactical I and II
>> Tac I, 11 April 2010 <<
>>>> Tac II, 25 April 2010 <<
>> Tac I, 22 April 2010 <<
>>>> Tac II, 23 April 2010 <<
                               Scott Mauldin - Instructor
               Place: Carolina Sporting Arms                    Time:  8:30 AM - 5:30    
 8055 South Boulevard
                          Charlotte, NC.

This is a unique opportunity to experience the foundation building techniques
         of Eagle Rock Training Systems Practical/Tactical Pistol Phase I

                                             Cost…$189 per person
                                         (Deposit required to reserve a spot in this class)
                            Class size is limited to 12 participants.

                         Contact: Tom Iradi @ 704/649-7456
                       Megan (CSA)  704/554-9511

Visit our "Courses" page for descriptions of these courses.  
News and Happenings!
Practical Tactical I
>> October 26, 2014 <<
Sign Up!!! Practical Tactical I ,
at Carolina Sporting Arms, NC